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Callie Montgomery should feel happy with her life. A rising career, a business inherited from her father and a loving family surrounding her. Besides, she’s in a much better place than a decade ago, so she should be grateful, right?

But everything’s not always as it seems. Appearances can be deceptive. Unless that is, you’re faced with the return of the woman who can read you better than anyone.


Jackie Taylor thought she had found the woman she was going to spend forever with, until one day, she walked away without explanation. But twelve years later, life has dragged her back into the orbit of Callie Montgomery. She can see that something is plaguing the younger woman’s mind, but is she close enough to help her through it? And will she get the answers she’s craved for so many years?


When the woman who left you broken is the one struggling to hold herself together, what choice does she have but to be a friend? Especially when friends may not be where it stops…

Released July 2022

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When Kate and Seph first meet, it's flirting at first sight. But with Kate being married, it was never meant to be.

Until the two meet again through the worst possible connection, and Kate is forced to re-evaluate what is most important to her. Especially since Seph is now a shadow of the person who she knew before.

Can Seph fight back against the impending darkness which is threatening to engulf her and find a way back to a better place, as well as Kate, who is devotedly waiting for the return of the woman she loves?

A second chance romance about love, loss and fighting against the demons which plague our own minds. 

Released February 2023

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