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Hey there!

Ami Spencer has always been writing in some way or another, but it wasn’t until long, lonely night feeds with their second baby that they started to take it seriously.


Originally from Norfolk, they now live just outside Halifax, with their partner, two children, Bracken the Red Fox Lab and Macavity the Bengal cat, both of which can regularly be seen on their Twitter feed, impeding them in some way from writing.


During the day they work as a Quality Assurance Officer, which perfectly suits their fastidious (some would say picky) nature. Prior to that, they have been a Forensic Scientist, school lab technician and expert pint puller.


When not working, writing or child-wrangling, they can usually be found reading (either as a beta reader, or indulging in Thasmin or Talder fanfiction), binging their favourite boxsets (Doctor Who, The West Wing, Fort Salem to name but a few). or partaking in a gin and tonic. If they have the energy, and the Yorkshire weather is being kind, you can find them taking a walk; be it strolling around Shibden Park or a scramble through the craggs at Hebden Bridge.  

On their social media you can usually find them complaining about something, speaking up about mental health, or waffling on about Doctor Who.

As for their writing, they love to write (and read) about sapphic love set amongst the struggles of real life; they are currently working on ideas dealing with topics such as depression, autism, coming out as non-binary, post-natal depression and PTSD. 

You can find them on their social media;

Twitter: @aspencerwriter 

Facebook: amispencerwriter

Instagram: @aspencerwriter

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